Signature Six Coffee Sampler, Unique Coffee Gifts, Coffee Lover Gift
Signature Six Coffee Sampler, Unique Coffee Gifts, Coffee Lover Gift
Signature Six Coffee Sampler, Unique Coffee Gifts, Coffee Lover Gift
Signature Six Coffee Sampler, Unique Coffee Gifts, Coffee Lover Gift

Signature Six Coffee Sampler, Unique Coffee Gifts, Coffee Lover Gift

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The Signature Six Coffee Sampler contains six of our signature coffee roasts. Looking for a gift for the coffee lover in your life? Look no further!

The Signature Six Sampler comes in its own box and a special gift note can be added.

Each packet of coffee contains 2oz either whole bean or choose the grind you need to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

2oz will make one full pot of coffee in a 12 cup coffee maker.

1. Reserve Breakfast Blend: Specialty Blended from Honduras

2. Trading Post French Roast: French Roast from Honduras

3. Gila Wilderness Roast: Medium Roast from Guatemala

4. Hunter's Cup: Medium Roast from Peru

5. Happy Camper: Medium Roast from Brazil

6. The Mountaineer: Dark Roast from Brazil

More about each coffee...

Organic Reserve Breakfast Blend and Organic Trading Post French Roast: The Pacavita region has ideal climatic conditions for growing coffee. Plants here grow in rich clay soils, enjoy just enough shade from beautiful Inga trees and are surrounded by a diverse environment of biological reserves and mountain ranges.

Most farms here were established more than 30 years ago and are between 2 and 3 hectares. Producers generally wet mill their own coffees and dry them completely on patios, preserving the quality of their beans themselves.

ORIGIN: Honduras

REGION: Pacavita


PRODUCER: This lot comes from the over 2500 producers. The average farm size in this area is 2 to 3 hectares.

VARIETY: Caturra, Catuai, Parainema, Lempira & IHCAFE 90


Gila Wilderness Roast: Three farms primarily contributed to this coffee. Finca Las Magnolias, in Aldea El Naranjo, San Antonio La Paz, is owned by Don Mario Aguilar and is one of the most beautiful farms in the area, due to its topography, amazing trees and landscape, which includes well-established coffee trees. Finca San JosŽ Moritas is owned by Don Higinio Gomez, a community leader and dedicated coffee producer who started his coffee farm 20 years ago in Aldea Las Moritas, San Antonio La Paz. Finally, the model farm for the project is Finca El Bambu, in Aldea Los Gracianos, San Antonio La Paz. It is owned by Dona Vilma de Jesus Bances, who established her farm nearly 17 years ago and is highly respected by the local producers.

ORIGIN: Guatemala

REGION: San Antonio

ALTITUDE: 5,900 ft.

PRODUCER: San Jose Moritas, El Bambu, Las Magnolias

VARIETY: Bourbon, Caturra, Pache-San Ramon


Hunter's Cup: A smooth body, mild acidity and classic flavors: Walnut, chocolate, nougat and raisin. Essentially, a candy bar. The chasquis were the messengers of the Inca empire, the fittest and most highly trained individuals; the best of the best. They would not only run messages across great distances and topographies but could read and translate and helped to keep order.

This coffee is a collection of lots from around Peru that, like its namesake, are the best of the best. Coffee cherries were machine cleaned and processed, and after the coffee was dried it was sorted by color and density to ensure that only the best beans remained.


REGION: Cajamarca, Junin and San Martin

ALTITUDE: 5900 ft

PRODUCER: 68 Local Producers

VARIETY: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catimor, Catuai, Castillo


The Mountaineer and Happy Camper: A combination of coffees from five farms (fazendas) in two top-quality regions: Fazendas Lenheiros, Alcaan, Santa Barbara and Queixadas from Cerrado and Fazenda do Lobo from Sul de Minas. Ripe and raisin cherries (cherries left to dry on the tree) were mechanically harvested, sent to the washing station on the farm by tractors and were cleaned and separated by density (ripe to one side, raisin to the other).

They were dried in the sun on cement patios and then put in mechanical driers to ensure an even result.

ORIGIN: Brazil

REGION: Cerrado and Sul de Minas


ALTITUDE: 3,018--3,608 feet

VARIETALS: Red Catuai, Mundo Novo, Topazio, Acaia

One day prior to shipping, coffee will be roasted for optimal freshness.

Our coffee is slow-roasted to ensure a beautifully balanced, smooth coffee that is never bitter even when roasted to the dark side.